Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's Over!

Steve Jackson Games

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T24P1 - Movement
Jeff makes a D3 bend left to T-Bone Anthony. 40 mph ram is 3D damage: 2 5 4. Jeff's plastic takes it all. Anthony has no right side armor so it's all internal - 5 to PP and 5 to Gunner, which kills him and 2 goes to Driver - unconscious. Randomly, the last point went to the crew so the Driver is dead as well.

There are more details, but I stopped after making sure Jeff didn't lose control... He did roll for a fishtail, but that's all. His new speed is 20 so after the fishtail he would be able to easily come to a stop.

Jeff is the winner!

Next up - MH44... Haven't given it a great deal of thought YET - any suggestions?

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